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Hello Good People!

Years ago I was so determined to get a start in printmaking that I cobbled together my first printing equipment out of a tortilla press from my local market. Since then, I've found my way to a real etching press and even got a Grammy nomination for my printwork on an album cover along the way.

It has taken me a looooong time to find meaning in what I do as an artist. To be able to connect my ideas of social justice to printmaking has been a natural progression. Most of my work has been making art for friends’ bands, so, it’s always been for a “cause” of some kind. As I’ve grown as a person, so have the “causes.” Sometimes the “cause" is just the nourishment of the human soul, through giving something inspiring to look at. Other times it’s more literal. I have files and files of images that I have started, but which lacked some essential fire of “meaning” to take them over the finish line. I don’t often know what the actual “meaning” is, but I can feel it when it’s there! If I could explain the meaning of my works completely, I could explain away my need to do them. So I guess my art takes place at the junction of the known and the unknown.


Each block is hand-drawn, and then hand-carved, though I use a router to clear the large areas. A different block for each color, properly lined up, creates the color images. ink blocks showing the process

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